Following our previous installations at their head office in Leeds, we created a bright, inspiring graphic for the Romero boardroom.

We sourced an eye-catching image that worked well with the Romero brand and worked in a boardroom environment, then combined with their existing style to create a spectacular office environment. Using a premium wallpaper material, the office wall was clad entirely and we incorporated the Romero Insurance diamond design. We wanted to ensure that it provides huge visual impact. The team also installed the TV screen alongside the graphic. Their ‘We achieve’ tagline is set above the monitor in stand off, precision cut white text to add an additional slick, professional element.

Using this wallpaper material makes installing fully clad wall graphics an easy and efficient process. The finish is seamless and long-lasting. The colours and design will hopefully inject vibrancy into the room, make it a stimulating place for meetings and be a memorable visit for clients!

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