Linea partitions provide a bespoke partitioning system that can be adapted to virtually any shape, size and finish to suit your needs.

Whether you want to create privacy for a stretch area in a fitness facility, section off specific zones in an open plan room or hide storage areas from sight, linea partitions can be designed to suit layout of your space. Using hinged and fixed brackets, the configuration can follow straight, curved and angled paths of any length. These are just some examples of how our bespoke partitioning system can be used. The only limit is your imagination.

While the supporting posts are fixed to the floor for maximum stability, this partitioning system has the flexibility to be repositioned in line with the changing needs and layout of your space, and the number of screens can be amended should you need more or less coverage.


• Highly adaptable
• Available in a range of heights
• Any number of screens can be connected
• Hinged or solid brackets allow screens to work in curved or straight configurations
• Bolted to floor for security
• Screens available in plain colours, wood effects, solid graphics and smoked glass
• Other material requests can be catered for
• Posts in a variety of colours and finishes
• Can be repositioned and reconfigured

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