Salt Ayre Leisure Centre – Design Scheme

Bright fully clad walls and bespoke branding

Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre

Having previously been involved in designing and installing Bisham Abbey wall graphics, we were delighted to be asked to return in 2016 with a fresh new approach.

Bespoke noticeboards and communications point - Showoff Media

Darwen Leisure Centre – Regency

Professional and functional information displays

David Lloyd Exeter

Spin Studio graphics and signage

Graphics for the National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham by Showoff Media.

National Water Sports Centre

Full Fitness Suite Display Solutions for Serco Leisure

Custom spin studio graphics for TEAM ICG by Showoff Media.

Team ICG Head Office

The team at Indoor Cycling Group are lucky enough to have their own spin studio at their Head Office – and we were lucky enough to be the ones to kit it out with custom spin studio graphics! We clad the walls and partitions with huge, inspirational images of pro cyclists and beautiful scenery to…

Printed wall graphics for hotels, gyms and spas by Showoff Media.

Rookery Hall Cheshire

TRX and Reebok Studio full wall graphics